Family in mourning after fatal Arlington car crash

ARLINGTON, Wash. -- A family is in mourning and still trying to come to terms with the tragic car crash that killed a young woman Wednesday night.

Brittany Shaffer was supposed to get married in just a few months. Police say the 23-year-old was in the westbound lane of SR-530 trying to make a left turn when a man driving an SUV behind her didn't realize she had stopped and rear ended her.

The impact forced Shaffer's car into eastbound traffic, where she was hit by a tow truck, killing her.

"He just smashed into her," said Shaffer's sister, Amber. "She was driving this little tiny Geo Metro and it just swung into the other lane and the truck hit her."

The loss of a sibling is unimaginable, but Amber and Shaffer's other sister, Lakin, know that pain all too well.

The sudden death of their sister comes about a year and a half after the sisters experienced another tragic loss when their brother Ryan died.

"And it sucks that there are only two of us out of four, and it's just really weird and it sucks," Lakin said.

The sisters can't undo what's been done. Instead, they choose to remember the time they had with their siblings.

"She always sees the good in everybody," Amber said.

Their bond as sisters is what's getting them through, and they say that's what Brittany would have wanted.

"There's no words for it. It's just pain. It hurts," Lakin said.

The other driver was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police do not expect to file criminal charges in the crash.

Shaffer's friends and family are planning a memorial service in the coming days.