Family, friends send birthday wishes to twins killed in crash

OAK HARBOR, Wash. -- Jim and Debbie Goheen say they've found peace in knowing their twin daughters are together on their birthday.

Twin sisters Janeah, Janesah and a friend were on their way to visit haunted houses in Seattle on October 31st when troopers say a driver crossed the line on Highway 20 and hit the car the girls were in. Janeah died at the scene, and Janesah died 11 days later.

Saturday afternoon the community sent birthday wishes to the pair that would have celebrated their 18th birthday this weekend.

Their family, along with the Oak Harbor community, sent the girls heartfelt messages, and say they have faith in knowing they are delivered by the pink and purple balloons that just like the twins, brightened up a dreary day.

"They were just very vivacious, loving, and caring young women," the twins' mother Debbie Goheen said. "So to be able to celebrate that today is just a joy to us."

This is the second time tragedy has struck the Goheen family. Just five years ago, they lost their 23-year-old daughter Jessica in a car accident. The Goheen's say they harbor no resentment and no anger.

"How could it happen again - that was the biggest thing, it's impossible," Jim said.

Even after losing three daughters, they say they are grateful for their blessings; the ones you can't see or touch, and can only feel.

"This is a way we can get together and show each other that we all love each other, as well as telling the twins," said Joylyn Goheen.

During this time of year, when families and friends are giving thanks for what they have, the Goheen's are giving thanks for what they have had.

"How many do we really have?" asks Jim Goheen. "Take what you've been given, and enjoy what you have."