Fake cop targeting Seattle's elderly in cash scam

SEATTLE -- A man going by Capt. Jack Truska, Sgt. Drumbowski or "some other gruff TV cop name" is targeting elderly women and scamming them out of tens of thousands of dollars, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to police, the con artist has targeted at least six women between the ages of 78 and 90 and stolen more than $75,000 from five of them.

The man reportedly calls his victims and says he's investigating banks for passing counterfeit money to customers. He then inquires about the victims' jewelry and money and asks if they've had any cash or checks stolen recently.

According to police, the man, who calls from a busy-sounding office and even put some of the women on hold to take other calls, tells the victims their bank is involved in counterfeiting and asks if they will participate in a sting. He then asks the victims to withdraw thousands of dollars so he can check serial numbers.

Five of the victims ended up meeting a man posing as a plainclothes officers outside their bank and giving him cash. The sixth was suspicious and never met the man.

Police are warning residents they don't randomly call people at home to ask if they'll join a sting operation, nor do they call from blocked numbers and ask to borrow thousands of dollars.

If nothing else, this fake cop's scam is more nuanced than Seattle's previous fake cop, who attempted to con victims with a box of porn.