Eyman proposal to limit car tab fees fails to get enough signatures

A proposal to limit car tabs to $30 failed to qualify for the ballot. (KOMO file photo)

SEATTLE -- An effort limit car tab fees to $30 has failed for now.

Tim Eyman had been circulating petitions for the the measur, but said the effort failed to get the required 350,000 signatures.

"Despite months of hard work and effort by a lot of people, I'm really disappointed to announce that we didn't make it," Eyman said.

He announced the effort in July.

Initiative 947 would have set annual license fees for certain vehicles at $30 with exceptions. It also would have repealed or limited authority to impose some taxes and surcharges. It would also have calculated vehicle-taxes using the Kelley Blue Book value.

Critics believe the initiative would have gutted Sound Transit and rolled back efforts to expand light rail in the region.

In November 2016, Sound Transit 3 was passed by voters covering three counties to expand bus and rail service at a cost of $54 billion.

But many drivers have expressed frustration in recent months about drastic increases in their car tab fees. Some are paying hundreds of dollars more.

The increases were connected to Sound Transit 3.

. They claim Sound Transit intentionally misrepresented the cost of the project and used an out-dated method to calculate car tab fees.

If Eyman had gathered enough signatures, the initiative would have gone to the Legislature. State lawmakers could have had to decide whether to vote it into law. If not, the initiative would have gone before voters in November 2018.

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