Everett eyes new taxes, service cuts to meet $13 million budget gap

EVERETT, Wash. - New car tab fees and parking meters could be coming to Everett, along with possible cuts to transit, as city leaders face tough budget choices there.

A public meeting has been called for 5:30 p.m. Thursday at Evergreen Middle School to allow citizens to have a say in deciding what to do.

Everett city leaders are having to get creative in looking for new ways to bring in money. They say city income is down for many reasons.

For one, the city is getting less money from the state. For another, property tax revenue is not keeping up with the costs of running the city.

Public transit is one service that could take a hit. City parks and libraries are another.

Meghan Pembroke, Everett communications director, says the numbers are pretty sobering.

"Right now, if no adjustments are made, the city faces a $13 million shortfall in 2015, and that would grow to $20 million by 2018," she says.

A few of the ideas Everett city leaders are considering to help close the budget gap include on-street pay parking downtown, a new car tab fee or a new tax on cable and garbage service.