Entrepreneur starting Green River Killer sightseeing tour

SEATTLE -- A local sightseeing tour that isn't slated to start for another month is already raising eyebrows.

Advertised as a way to see where serial killer Gary Ridgway hunted and killed his victims, the Green River Killer Tour has already set off a storm of controversy.

The tour came from the mind of entrepreneur Matt Lewis, who said he saw a void when it came to local history and decided to fill it.

"It's the most prolific serial killer in the history of the United States of America and it happened here," Lewis said. "And that's a huge, huge thing."

Lewis is a stay-at-home dad during the day, but beginning next month he will offer tourists a chance to follow in Ridgway's footsteps. He's hoping people will pay to visit the spots and hear the stories of how Ridgway murdered four dozen women.

"It's a part of the northwest history and I don't think it should be forgotten," Lewis said.

Understandably, the idea is getting mixed reviews from the community.

"While I'm still struggling with the moral issues that might affect the families, I think he's going to make a good run," one KOMO Newsradio listener said.

Lewis said his goal was never to hurt or offend the friends or family of Ridgway's victims.

"Everything we do is very respectful and we want people to know that. We're in no way glorifying what Gary Ridgway did," he said.

The three-hour tour will start in mid July and will cost $45. No tickets have been sold so far, but Lewis said he plans to give some of the proceeds to charity.
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