Empty chair props popping up in Lewis County

NAPAVINE, Wash. -- Two empty chairs in Lewis County are a tribute to Clint Eastwood, Mitt Romney and Republicans.

In blue Seattle, many thought Clint Eastwood has lost it when he did is infamous "empty chair" speech during the Republican Convention. Gone over the edge.

But where the hay meets the road, down in Lewis County, they love Clint Eastwood, the flag and Republicans:

"I'm all for the empty chair," said Anita Mulligan, adding she loved what Eastwood said during the speech to an imaginary President Obama.

And this isn't the only empty chair in the county. One near Napavine is on appropriately-named Rush Road. It's near I-5, near a truck stop. But it's so far off the road most drive by right past it, seeing nothing.

"I drive up and down the road," said Clair Hamilton. "I didn't see any empty chair."

The even bigger question is what does it mean? One display, a simple empty chair with an American Flag next to it.

A second: an empty chair and a golf club with a sign: "Vote 4 me 4 more years of BHO."

An empty chair?

"Because that means we have a mindless president," Mulligan said.

Everyone at local hangout Frosty's is a Republican. At least they all say they are.

"I don't know any who will admit to being a Democrat around here," one said.

So why put up the chair here? Maybe to get attention, to point out you can't paint all of Western Washington blue.