Elephant celebrates 1st birthday at Ore. Zoo

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) She's only been around for a year but Oregon Zoo keepers say the zoo's youngest elephant is impossible to ignore.

Animal care staffers call Lily a "spitfire" and say she's vocal, playful and definitely not shy.

The public was invited to watch her chow down on an extra-large birthday cake on Saturday afternoon.

Born last Nov. 30, Lily weighed 300 pounds then and tips the scales now at more than 1,100. Elephant curator Bob Lee says she competes with the bigger elephants for enrichment toys and treats and loves all kinds of fruit. Lily also likes to play in the sand with her big brother Samudra or splash in the elephants' pool.

Lee says she's keenly interested in nearby construction. The zoo is building Elephant Lands, a project that will quadruple the animals' space. The new habitat is due to open in 2015.