Elderly Seattle woman gets pet back after assault, dognapping

SEATTLE -- When two people attacked Barbara Betzvog and stole her dog two weeks ago, she worried she'd never see her companion again.

But thanks to the hard work of Seattle police detectives, Betzvog and her beloved Winston have been reunited.

Betzvog was walking Winston May 1 in Seattle's Bitter Lake neighborhood when a man and woman ran up to her and {A href=""}snatched the dog's leash.

The 79-year-old held on tight, but she was soon overpowered and shoved to the ground. The pair then grabbed the dog and ran off, according to police.

"It happened so fast, right in the day time, right in the middle of the street," Betzvog said a day after the attack.

Betzvog was left with a cuts, bruises and a fat lip, but what hurt the most was losing Winston. Betzvog said she knows the woman involved in the scuffle and fall, saying it was Winston's original owner.

Betzvog said a friend gave her Winston, believing he was a stray who ran away. She also claimed that original owner gave her blessing to keep Winton nearly two years ago.

With help from the US Marshals, detectives from Seattle's robbery unit were able identify and track down the suspect to her Wenatchee home. Police contacted the woman and were able to convince her to bring Winston back to Seattle police headquarters.

Detectives gave Winston some water and half of a sandwich before driving him back to Betzvog's house.

It's unclear if the woman who returned Winston will face any charges.