Effort to recall embattled Pacific mayor underway

A recall is underway in the city of Pacific and the embattled mayor say's he won't be kicked out of office without a fight.

After months of turmoil, Cy Sun's' detractors have begun collecting recall signatures after getting the green light from the Supreme Court earlier this week.

The city was nearly disincorporated after Mayor Sun fired several city department heads and police officers.

Sun's attorney says the mayor won't leave office until he has to.

"The judge disagreed with our position so we're going to take a look at what we're going to do next but the mayor is going to continue in his efforts to reform the city," said Tyler Firkins, Sun's attorney.

If that happens-Pacific could hold a special election in late June or early July.

With a simple signature - the city of Pacific got one of the 425 signatures it needs to recall embattled Pacific Mayor Cy Sun.

"I stepped up and says I support a recall!" said a Pacific resident.

This week a state Supreme Court ruled a recall was justified based off allegations Sun used the police force for personal use -- and that he jeopardized the city's liability insurance coverage.

On Friday, Sun suffered a flurry of setbacks when a Pierce County judge denied a slew of his requests.

One would have forced city employees to stop talking to the media -- another would have forced the city attorney to follow the mayor's orders.

"It appears that he's trying to overhaul the city and it sounds to me like he's trying to run a dictatorship," said Joan Mell, the police officers' attorney.

It's just the latest twist to a tumultous tale of city versus mayor.

In a time when the city say's it do or die to save Pacific-Sun maintains he won't go down easily.