Edmonds residents rescue woman, infant from domestic assault

EDMONDS, Wash. -- A pair of Edmonds residents came to the rescue of a woman who was being assaulted by her ex-boyfriend as she held their 15-month-old child early Tuesday morning, according to the Edmonds Police Department.

The victim was driving her ex-boyfriend back to his apartment at 230th Street Southwest and 76th Avenue West sometime before 2:30 a.m. According to police, the ex-boyfriend started assaulting the victim verbally and physically during the ride, despite their child being in the car.

When they pulled up to the Park Ballinger Apartment Homes, the victim tried to get away with her child, but her ex-boyfriend reportedly followed her and continued to hit her while she held the baby.

Residents inside the apartment building heard the victim yelling for help. One of them jumped off a balcony and started fighting with the victim's ex-boyfriend. A second resident ran down the building's stairs and joined the fight, punching the suspect several times.

While the victim's ex-boyfriend was on the ground, one of the residents brought her and her child into an apartment.

The suspect reportedly staggered off and was found quickly by police. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment for facial injuries.

UPDATE: The victim in Tuesday's domestic-violence assault in Edmonds disputes a number of claims by police and wants to see charges pressed against the two men who supposedly came to her rescue.

Ashley Swinson said her boyfriend never became physical with her in the car and only hit her with her purse after she dropped it in his apartment parking lot.

She also said the two men from the apartment building only chased down and attacked her boyfriend with a stick after he had already left her alone.

Swinson said she is heartbroken over what happened to her boyfriend, who suffered facial fractures and blindness in the attack, and wants police to arrest the two men responsible.

"What my boyfriend did was unacceptable," Swinson said. "But, was it really acceptable for them to do what they did to him?"

Edmonds Police Sgt. Mark Marsh said the department will be passing its information on the case along to the Snohomish County Prosecutor's Office, which will ultimately decide what, if any, charges are pressed against the two men.