Eatonville teen accused of 'kill list' allowed to come home

EATONVILLE, Wash. -- The Eatonville teenager who allegedly posted a list of 10 names of people he wanted to kill is being allowed to go back home.

The 13-year-old has been in juvenile detention since he was arrested last week after the list and a photo of him posing with guns was discovered on Facebook -- allegedly found by another middle school student.

But the boy's defense attorney says it's all being blown out of proportion.

"He is not a danger to the community," said attorney Phil Thorton. "The state and the probation department does not allege that he would be a danger to the state."

The family asked the juvenile court judge to allow the boy to come home. The family says guns belong to his grandfather and they're now locked in a safe 25 miles away.

Court Commissioner Wendy Zicht agreed, but with serious restrictions -- he's to be on house arrest, monitored by satellite.

"What you'll have is a GPS that will be following you," Zicht told the teen in juvenile court Friday. "If you leave the house it will know where you're at."

And the family members and friends who've agreed to supervise him are all ordered to sign that they understand their responsibility under penalty of perjury, which the boy's attorney felt went above and beyond.

"I think these people are being treated differently," Thorton argued to the judge. "I think you're violating their due process rights as well as their equal protection rights."

But Zicht was firm, with the prosecutor still believing the boy is a threat.

"We're just worried about potential danger to the community," said Deputy Prosecutor Elizabeth Vincent. "And based on the seriousness of the alleged offenses."

And some in the community still feel uneasy, even with the restrictions.

"He's a threat to the community," said Eatonville Middle School parent Amy Accarino. "I don't feel comfortable with him coming home at all. I'm afraid for my son to go to school."

But another family whose son was on the kill list said they felt OK about the teen coming home with those tight restrictions.

The teen will make another court appearance next week.