Eatonville crash victim: 'I just remember waking up gasping for air'

EATONVILLE, Wash. -- Sara and Doug Harris were just 100 yards from the driveway of their Eatonville home on New Year's Day when a driver crashed head-on into their full-size truck.

"We were almost home and I just seen a truck come into our lane," said Sara Harris.

The couple, their son and daughter, and two nieces were transported to the hospital with serious injuries - some even critical.

"I couldn't do anything but yell for Doug and say 'Oh, my God' and I just turned," said Sara Harris. "I just remember waking up gasping for air."

Troopers said Glenn Fitting, 48 of Eatonville, suffered a medical emergency and was driving himself to the hospital when he crashed into the Harris's vehicle and died. The details of the crash are too painful for Sara Harris to talk about but she remembers being transported to the hospital and the emergency responder who helped.

"I just remember I kept begging for medicine because I felt like I was going to die," said Sara Harris.

"I heard (the medic) on the ambulance phone saying we're going to (Tacoma General Hospital) and I just knew we'd be OK," said Sara who is a business manager in the emergency department at Tacoma General Hospital.

Sara Harris suffered rib and sternum fractures, broke her heel and had major bruising throughout her body. She spent more than three weeks in the hospital and is recovering in a wheelchair but she'll need another surgery.

Her husband, Doug, an electrical foreman, broke his femur in three places and won't return to work for at least three months.

"For me it's been devastating being Dad because I don't like to be hurt," said Doug Harris. "I don't like my kids to see me hurt so emotionally it's been pretty bad for me because I feel like I can't even take care of myself let alone take care of them."

The couple's 7-year-old daughter, McKenzie suffered the most severe injuries and is still in the hospital. She suffered a spinal injury and is paralyzed from the neck down. She's using a ventilator and feeding tube but her family says she is slowly making progress.

"She's a miracle. From the beginning until now I had no doubt in my mind this is how it was going to go," said Sara Harris.

The Harris family is now facing mounting medical bills. They're too humble to ask for help but say what they need most are prayers and support.

The family will also need to do construction on their home so it's wheelchair accessible when McKenzie is released from the hospital.

The family has set up an online fundraising page and you can also donate through our Problem Solvers fund.

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