Eagle owl missing from Pt. Defiance Zoo

TACOMA, Wash. -- The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is asking for your help in finding one of their eagle owls that flew away while rehearsing a show Wednesday afternoon.

Zoo officials believe "Forrest" the owl is somewhere in Point Defiance Park. A team of staff biologists spotted the owl several times Wednesday afternoon but lost sight of him late in the day. They have since been unable to pick up his telemetry, which sends a radio signal to help track him.

"Forrest likely is sitting high up in a tree and may be surrounded by a mob of crows unhappy about the owl's presence in their territory," said staff biologist Sara Mattison said. "He is comfortable around people and may even hoot if he sees someone."

Forrest is wearing red jesses, which look like red cords dangling from his legs, and telemetry, which looks like a black wire dangling from a leg.

Anyone who spots the owl is asked to call the zoo at (253) 591-5337.