E. Wash. officer accused of sex with inmate inside jail bathroom

WAPATO, Wash. -- A KIMA investigation into the Wapato Jail turned up claims of sexual encounters between an inmate and a corrections officer that took place inside a staff bathroom.

Action News obtained records of an internal investigation that looks into a Lakewood woman's claims that she had sex with an officer while booked into the Wapato Jail and later became pregnant with twins. We'll call her "Inmate S."

That corrections officer is now off the job and another is under the microscope.

The man at the center of the investigation is Wapato Jail Officer David Madril. "Inmate S" says her relationship with the officer developed during her first stay in Wapato.

She told investigators that he took her out to the basketball courts for a cigarette and kissed her. But, says the two did not have sex at that time.

According to the documents, the woman says she gave the officer her phone number. The relationship got more serious when she got out of jail. She says they had sex at a hotel in Seattle.

Documents indicate he texted a shirtless, almost nude, picture of himself to her amongst others. Records from investigators say the relationship continued when she was booked into the Wapato Jail a second time.

The woman claims they had sex several times in the jail bathroom designated for officers. She says the incidents took place while she was let out of her cell to clean around the jail, according to investigators. The bathroom was the only place without cameras.

She says other women inside the jail caught on.

According to the internal investigation, the woman claims the officer locked her in a holding cell while he questioned other female inmates to see if they knew anything about the relationship.

Investigation documents indicate "Inmate S" told deputies she eventually got pregnant with twins despite officer Madril buying her the Plan B pill twice. She told investigators he pressured her to have an abortion.

Documents indicate deputies found the officer's name on her Planned Parenthood patient file. Madril denies anything happened inside the jail when interviewed by deputies.

He claims he found her phone number one day on his car window and didn't call her until she was released. "Inmate S" told deputies she came forward when Madril didn't write a letter to a judge on her behalf to help her case.

Sheriff's deputies say their investigation was inconclusive because they lacked witnesses.

The city of Wapato, however, says there was clear and convincing evidence of misconduct. Madril later resigned without admitting guilt in March.

Wapato says in a pre-disciplinary notice to Madril, that the claims of sex behind bars not only damaged Wapato's reputation, but could hit the city's pockets and keep it from making deals on future jail contracts.

In the documents, "Inmate S maintains" the sex was consensual, but later says the relationship caused her distress.

Right now, Yakima County prosecutors are reviewing Madril's case to determine whether to file criminal charges.

To get all sides, KIMA reached out to Officer Madril, the Wapato mayor and police chief.

We couldn't contact Madril and the mayor declined to comment. Wapato Police Chief Tracy Rosenow wouldn't go on camera, but says the jail's camera system has been updated in response to the incident.

KIMA's investigation into the Wapato Jail will continue Wednesday with a focus on the sergeant in charge of the jail who is also under the microscope.