Duvall woman turning goats into a cash cow

DUVALL, Wash. -- A good-looking goat owner in Duvall might turn her cute kids into a viral video sensation.

"It's kind of wild and crazy because I'm a little camera shy," said Bethany Micarelli, surrounded by goats.

Micarelli goes ga-ga for goats, and she's passionate about raising them organically to create a dairy and creamery.

"We just go and buy this package of ground beef. We have no concept of where that came from, how that animal was raised, what they ate, and how it was slaughtered," she said.

She's turned to a new crowd fundraising site called to help launch the business she plans to call Grey Botega.

"It builds off the premise that I dare you to do something wild and crazy and I'll give you some money," she said.

If enough people vote for goats and contribute to her $22,000 goal, Micarelli's dare could draw a herd of hits.

"I'm going to dress up like Little Bo Peep and we're redoing the song 'I Know What Boys Like' to 'I Know What Goats Like,' Micarelli said sheepishly.

The song, of course, will include backup baaas from the goats.

Seth Micarelli, who works at Microsoft, says the video parody of the 1982 hit is a stretch for his wife, but just shows her commitment. As for the rented Bo Peep outfit, he said, "I have my selfish reasons for think that's awesome."

The couple hopes folks focus on the cause as well as the costume and turn those goats into cash cows.