Drivers taking advantage of abnormally low gas prices

BONNEY LAKE, Wash. -- Drivers in Pierce County are getting a big break at the pump, where seven stations in five communities are selling gas for $2.99 per gallon.

It's an all-out fuel war in Pierce County, and drivers are taking advantage. In Bonney Lake, Fred Meyer, ARCO and Safeway all have gas for under $3 per gallon.

Gas prices average $3.42 gallon in Seattle, and some Seattle residents are now heading south to fill up.

"If it goes up anymore I will drive there," said Ron Jackson of Seattle. "I wish it would be here."

Oil and Gas expert John Hamilton said there are several reasons for the price differences in King and Pierce counties.

"We got a time frame of lower demand because we're going into winter and you've got a huge increase in oil production," he said.

Plus, Hamilton said prices from gas wholesalers are coming down, with different companies charging different prices.

He said most of the Pierce County supply comes from Tacoma wholesalers, while most of King County's comes from Harbor Island, where wholesale costs are higher.

Experts don't know how long the low prices will last, so those looking to take advantage should gas up now. Hamilton believes the all western Washington gas prices will level off at around $3.15 in the coming months.