Driver who hit, killed teenage cyclist fined just $175

KENMORE, Wash. The parents of a 19-year-old Kenmore man can't believe the driver who caused their son's death faced only a $175 citation.

Ben and Tammy Shoop spend a lot of time at the crosswalk where their son, Caleb, was hit and killed while riding his bike in March.

"Probably three or four times a week we make a special trip down here to add flowers and water flowers," Ben said.

The area where Caleb was hit is one of the busiest -- and some say most dangerous -- crosswalks in Kenmore.

The Shoops are upset that the driver of the vehicle that struck Caleb didn't face a stiffer penalty.

"That one of our children could be crossing a crosswalk and somebody failed to stop and hit and kill them and only get a $175 ticket and drive away is unbelievable," Tammy said.

Officials from the King County Prosecutor's Office say they couldn't pursue a vehicular homicide charge because there was no evidence that speed, drugs or alcohol contributed to the crash.

The Shoops think legislators should consider amending the law.

"We want something positive to come out of this terrible loss, and we want lawmakers and people to make a change and change the laws so there are more penalties for people that are distracted, for people to think twice when it comes to a cross walk," Tammy said.

Residents have united together to get the city to improve crosswalks, and Kenmore has added flags and improved striping and signage. But residents like Stephanie Krambrink hope for more.

"Before it was horrible," Krambrink said. "You were just crossing your fingers that you weren't going to get hit. I don't think anyone in the neighborhood was surprised there were so many hits at crosswalks."

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee is holding a town hall at 7 p.m. on June 24th at Kenmore Town Hall. They hope for community input.