Driver with DUI history appears in court for 4-vehicle crash in Edgewood

Driver with DUI history appears in court for 4-vehicle crash in Edgewood. (KOMO News)

TACOMA, Wash. -- A Pierce County woman with a history of DUI offenses is accused of drinking and driving again after a crash with three other cars Wednesday in Edgewood.

Tracy Foisy, 55, made her first court appearance in Pierce County Court on Thursday afternoon.

She was charged Wednesday with assault in the third-degree, hit-and-run accident with injury to another, operating a vehicle without an interlock device and driving with a license suspended in the first-degree.

Foisy's criminal history includes a long list of convictions for DUI, hit-and-run and assault.

"She's a chronic drunk driver, and she's going to kill someone one of these days," said Pierce County Deputy Prosecutor Cannon Jones during the court appearance.

The latest incident happened Wednesday in Edgewood where Foisy brought traffic to a halt during rush hour.

Police believe Foisy was driving drunk on a suspended license when she side-swiped an SUV along Meridian Avenue.

"(The driver) tried to get out of way but it struck the side of his vehicle- a red Cherokee - and then (Foisy's vehicle) continued on striking the second and third," said Edgewood Police Chief Micah Lundborg.

Foisy got out of her Ford Explorer then one of the victims followed, yelling out to her to see if she was OK.

The victim told police that Foisy "mumbled something" then took off running.

When police arrived, they found Foisy walking up the hill.

Police said she was stumbling and carrying a bag with a wine bottle inside that was nearly empty.

Officers then put her into the back of a patrol car when she started yelling and kicked one of them in the leg, according to police.

"She made comments- she may have been suicidal. She wanted the officers to kill her," Lundborg said.

Foisy was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital then later booked into the Pierce County jail.

The prosecutor's office is waiting for blood work results to determine if Foisy was, in fact, under the influence during the incident.

"She's got problems we're not going to deal with here today," Lundborg said. "We'll keep the public safe by not allowing her back on the roadway right now."

Foisy is currently being held at the Pierce County Jail on a $55,000 bail.

Two people were taken to the hospital for neck and back pain after the crash, but the prosecutor's office doesn't know the extent of the injuries yet. It's possible Foisy's charges could also be amended to include vehicular assault.

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