Dozens win free furniture from Percy Harvin's Super Bowl TD

TACOMA, Wash. -- The rose-colored couch at Bob Allen's home has faded but the disagreement over it hasn't.

"I don't even like to look at it," says Bob Allen. His wife Sylvia says, "I never hated the couch," that once belonged to Bob's parents in the 1970's.

The Saturday before the Super Bowl, Sylvia told Bob she was tired of listening to him complain about the couch and offered to go shopping for a new one.

Meanwhile, Dale Harkness knew his Tacoma furniture business would be super slow during the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

"Sunday was non-existent," Harkness says.

So he kicked off a campaign to stir up sales between Thursday and game time.

"We told them that if indeed the Seahawks would run back the first or third half kick-off, depending on the coin flip, we would reimburse them for every penny spent on the furniture," Harkness said.

The Percy Harvin kickoff return is costing Harkness furniture big time. There were 65 customers, including the Allens who finally ordered a new couch, who are receiving reimbursement checks totaling $72,000.

"Somebody ended up sleeping on a Temperpedic $5,000 bed," Harkness said. "Hopefully they think fondly of the Seahawks and Super Bowl for the next 20 years as they enjoy their new mattress."

Sylvia is making a Seahawk pillow to place on her new free couch. Suddenly, she's no longer as attached to the old one.

"I like the couch a lot better now, the new one is really great now," she said.

The Allens are donating their old couch to a youth group at their church.