Dozens of hypodermic needles found on Everett Middle School campus

Some parents are raising concerns after a dozen hypodermic needles were found near the track and football field at Evergreen Middle School in Everett over the weekend. (Photo: Elizabeth Doyea)

EVERETT, Wash. - Some parents are raising concerns after dozens of hypodermic needles were found near the track and football field at Evergreen Middle School in Everett.

A parent discovered the needles Sunday evening and posted photos to social media.

She told KOMO News she was, “disgusted to see something like that on school grounds.”

The pictures were quickly shared on the Snohomish County Crime and Community Page.

“It’s kind of surprising. You don’t really expect adults or kids to do them at schools,” said Alan Venegas, and 8th grade student who was running practice drills with his dad on the football field.

A spokewoman for Everett Public Schools said a custodian cleared away the needles before summer school classes started Monday morning.

The district released a statement Monday in response that read: “This is an unfortunate implication of the challenges communities across the region, state and nation face such as increasing drug issues and homelessness. Everett Public Schools works collaboratively with law enforcement and various agencies to address these issues.”

Parent John Clift said he’s seen the used needles everywhere around the city of Everett and across Snohomish County.

“On the fields, on the sidewalks, sometimes on the basketball courts,” he said. “The city should do something about it."

“To see something like that is pretty disturbing. Especially in that amount,” said parent Jammell Carrol.

If you come across any needles in Everett, police suggest you call 911 or the non-emergency line at 425-407-3999 and an officer will be dispatched.

Everett Public School said needles have been found at Evergreen Middle School before. The district says it’s part of a growing problem at schools across the state.

KOMO News checked with various school district about that issue, including Seattle Public Schools and Tacoma School District but have yet to hear back.

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