Dog custody battle turns ugly and violent for elderly woman

SEATTLE -- Barbara Betzvog has an arm in a sling and a massive bruise on her bottom lip. The worst pain is in her heart.

Thursday afternoon she said she fell to the ground after a woman stole her dog, Winston.

"It happened so fast, right in the day time, right in the middle of the street," Betzvog said.

Betzvog said she knows the woman involved in the scuffle and fall, saying it was Winston's original owner.

Betzvog said a friend gave her Winston, believing he was a stray who ran away. She also claimed that original owner gave her blessing to keep Winton nearly two years ago, until that confrontation in the parking lot, allegedly yanking away Winston by the leash.

"And when she did that, I fell over in my walker and that's when my face hit the pavement and I dislocated my shoulder," Betzvog said.

She filed a police report and said detectives have a good lead to get Winston back. Betzvog just wants "her little guy" back.

"And he was such company for me," she said. "I lost my husband a few years ago and like my son always said, 'God sent Winston to you.'"