Doctor that treats UW football players can now be your doc too

SEATTLE -- It's a sure thing in football: Hard hits will lead to sprains, strains and overall pain.

And the doctor who treats Husky players can be your doctor too.

Dr. Kim Harmon is one of the UW physicians working out of the new sports medicine center inside Husky Stadium. While the location is convenient when she needs to treat a player, her practice goes beyond college athletics.

"The average age of my patient is actually 49," Dr. Harmon said. "What we try to do is get them back to what they like to do, whether that's golf or tennis or horseback riding. What we really focus on here is getting people back to their active life."

The center has been in the plans since the early stages of stadium design and construction. The university saw an opportunity to match NCAA Division I sports with its medical school.

"Sports medicine is practiced across UW Medicine. At the medical center here, at Harborview, the Eastside, Roosevelt, so we have a lot of locations," said Dr. Stan Herring director of Sports, Spine and Orthopedic Health for UW Medicine. "But to take this and make a new coordinated one-stop shopping location was too good an opportunity to pass up."

The clinic is huge at 30,000 square feet, with 40 exam rooms combining a variety of disciplines, including family practice, orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation.

"We all have a little different take on how we work with patients and patient care in general," said Medical Director Dr. Mark Harrast. "Then we have radiologists right down the hall, so having this multi-disciplinary group coming together in this one center just makes it easy for the patients and the doctors together."

The UW Medicine Sports Medicine Center opens to the public on Sept. 9.