Disturbing video shows group killing a deer in waters near Squaxin Island

SQUAXIN ISLAND, Wash. -- The Department of Fish & Wildlife is now investigating a video that has surfaced showing a group of people on a canoe killing a deer in the waters near Squaxin Island.

The entire capture and killing of the buck is seen in the 12-minute video. Once the paddlers surround the buck, a man swings at it with an oar. The buck swims away but a couple minutes later, a paddler jumps into the water and attempts to drown the deer.

Another man, seen earlier in the video with a hunting knife, then dives in to help. They bring the deer to the side of the canoe, where it dangles, struggling for life.

Tribal council member Ray Peters says the group was not out there for a sanctioned canoe event and their actions will not be tolerated.

"I was deeply disturbed by the video," Peters said. "From a tradition and cultural standpoint, that is not how we harvest deer and wildlife."

The video ends when the crew is paddling toward shore, carrying the dead deer on board.

"It gives all tribal members a black eye," says nearby resident Jigger Davis, "because now they're perceived as the public's going to see this."

Department of Fish and Wildlife officials found the deer remains inside a tote that was on a truck. They say that vehicle belongs to the man who eventually killed the buck.

Officials are still trying to identify some of the people in the video, because at this time, there's no tribal or state deer hunting season that's open near Squaxin Island.