Disputed Wenatchee treehouse to come down

WENATCHEE, Wash. - A Wenatchee man who built a children's treehouse overhanging a sidewalk has agreed to take it down to settle a dispute with the city.

Zeb Postelwait says he always wanted to build a treehouse for his sons and got the chance last summer after moving into a Wenatchee home with a big tree in the front yard.

Two months later he received his first notice from the city to tear it down.

The Wenatchee World reports officials say the treehouse overhangs the sidewalk, threatening public safety. Postelwait disagrees.

The city had told Zeb Postelwait he could keep the treehouse if he took out a $1 million insurance policy.

Postelwait told The Wenatchee World he decided to remove the structure after he found out his homeowners insurance bill would have climbed to $3,200 a year.