Disgruntled customer stabs worker after being denied free pizza

SEATTLE -- Upset that he wasn't given free food, police say a knife-wielding pizza lover took out his frustrations on an employee by stabbing the worker in the back.

The attacker, who has not been identified, walked into an Aurora Avenue restaurant Wednesday night and demanded free pizza, according to police.

Police say the disgruntled man told employees he'd scatter trash throughout the restaurant and throw the cans into the street if he didn't get his free pizza. Police say he made good on that threat, but was still unable to convince the workers to hand over a pizza.

The suspect then changed his tact, claiming he was actually just picking up a pizza for another man who lives nearby and often receives free food from the shop, according to police.

The employee called his bluff and said he'd contact the other man about the free pizza, at which point police say the attacker pulled out a knife and stabbed the worker in the back.

He ran out of the business, but police caught up with him on Aurora a short time later. He was carrying four knives, according to police.

The alleged attacker was arrested and booked into jail and the victim was treated at a local hospital for his non-life-threatening stab wound.