Disabled brother and sister fox terriers need a new home

GRAHAM, Wash. -- A disabled brother and sister fox terrier, rescued from a shelter doorstep, are in desperate need of a home.

Somebody dumped the two-legged terriers at a California shelter. The brother and sister hop like rabbits on their hind legs and were called "Slip" and "Slide" before a prosthetics company in Olympia fitted them for carts. Now they go by "Honey" and "Badger."

"They do get along quite well without (the carts)," says Patty Mauldin with Valhalla Canine Rescue.

But the new, customized carts are much less cumbersome than the old ones which were designed for dogs that were missing rear legs instead.

"Depending on the breeders, these dogs would never see the light of day," Mauldin said. "Depending on the breeder, some breeders would euthanize them right away."

Valhalla Canine Rescue in Graham is the only home these dogs have known and has been trying to find them a family for a year.

They come as a pair.

"They're terribly bonded -- breaking them up is really not an option," Mauldin said.

Mauldin says the dogs, who've used hydrotherapy, would now make great therapy pets and Valhalla is willing to cover the training cost.

"The kids forget going through chemo or having other problems because they see dogs in cars and they want to play with dogs in cars," she said.

And you can't help but smile when you see Honey and Badger rolling your way.

Valhalla also has a 15-week-old great dane that was found in a dumpster -- and he needs a new home too. You can find out more info at