'Dignity for Divas' brings hope to Seattle's homeless women

SEATTLE - A local woman has teamed up with Seattle police and gathered a group of volunteers to give bags of hope to women at risk.

The volunteers, who call themselves "Dignity for Divas," hit the streets and go to work.

Nikki Gane knows the streets of Seattle can be a tough place to live - she once called these streets home.

"I had a taste of it enough to know what it felt not to have the daily things," she says.

Things like a toothbrush and toothpaste; shampoo and conditioner.

"I just couldn't run away from that feeling that I was left with, and I knew I had to do something," says Gane.

So she began Dignity for Divas - a group of volunteers who collect personal hygiene items, bag them, then give them to those in need.

On a recent night, Gane and her team of volunteers boarded a bus, headed into downtown and began their mission.

They have teamed up with Seattle police officers to hand out "Diva bags."

On this night the volunteers handed out about 85 bags in just over an hour - led in part by Seattle police outreach officers.

"The ladies help us by that little contact, to soften the approach, and they come with the belongings," says David Hockett of the Seattle Police Department.

Gane says giving homeless women daily supplies can give them confidence to break the homeless cycle.

The goal isn't to make them into someone else, but, as Gane says, "To make you feel like yourself again."

"Pray the Lord blesses them sevenfold - just like they came and blessed us," says one homeless woman.

The Divas say they hope to partner with the Seattle Police Department twice a month for deliveries.