Despite new offer, NBA relocation committee stands pat

SEATTLE -- Investor Chris Hansen wants the Sacramento Kings, and he isn't backing down or going away quietly. Now he's opening up his wallet again.

Hansen made a bold play over the weekend and it appears to have gotten some attention. A source in his investment group confirmed the "back-up" plan by the Sacramento Kings owners, the Maloof family.

In the original plan, Hansen would pay more than $350 million to get 65 percent of the team. That plan garnered mixed reviews by the NBA, and led to a unanimous vote against relocation.

This new backup plan could give Hansen only a 20 percent stake in the Kings for a little over $100 million. Hansen would also pay the NBA $115 million in relocation fees--around $4 million for each owner.

The move would let Hansen stay in the conversation about buying full control down the line but keep the team in Sacramento until another relocation move could happen.

National media critics called it "bribery" and "extortion." Local fans took to Twitter to call it an aggressive strategy.

Monday a source told KOMO 4 that the the joint finance and relocation committees within NBA ownership held a teleconference to look over the new deal. Details were scarce, but the relocation vote has not changed, so that unanimous anti-Hansen recommendation stands.

The league officially had no comment. The full ownership group known as the Board of Governors will meet in Dallas Wednesday and will vote on the sale and relocation of the Kings.

NBA owners haven't shown interest in Seattle getting another team, but the city did get support from an unlikely source last week.

Former Sonics first round draft pick and current Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant has recently been photographed wearing a Seattle Supersonics hat.

Last week Durant posted a photo of himself wearing the hat on his Instagram account with a message that said, in part, "Seattle I still got lots of love for ya."