Dave's Killer Bread founder released from jail

HILLSBORO, Ore. -- Dave Dahl, the founder of Dave's Killer Bread, was released from the Washington County Jail on Saturday after posting bail, the sheriff's office said.

Dahl smoked a cigarette and waved to the media before getting into an SUV with his lawyer, Stephen Houze.

Dahl was taken into custody Thursday night after ramming three deputy patrol cars, according to Sgt. David Thompson. The incident came less than 12 hours after police said they were called to Dahl's namesake company to remove him from the premises.

During his court appearance on Friday afternoon, Houze said that Dahl suffered from an "apparent mental health crisis."

Police responded to a call in the 2400 block of SW Timberline Drive in Cedar Hills on Thursday night at about 10 p.m. where a man was reportedly acting erratically, said Thompson.

Deputies saw a Cadillac Escalade leaving the area, and the dispatcher told them that Dahl had left the house driving an Escalade.

Deputies said Dahl rammed a patrol car head on, even before they had a chance to turn on their emergency lights. The crash knocked the patrol car out of commission. Deputies said Dahl drove away as another patrol car gave chase.

Deputies said that at SW Scenic Dr. and SW Scenic Drive Ct., Dahl rammed into another patrol car, disabling that one as well, then backed up and rammed that car again while the deputy was still in the car.

They said that Dahl was about to back up yet again when another deputy rammed him from behind and pinned the Escalade between two patrol cars.

The deputies - one of whom was injured from the crash - tried to get Dahl to get out of his car. They said he refused and fought with the deputies - eventually being shocked by a Taser, to little effect - before being arrested.

Dahl was charged with second-degree assault, assaulting a peace officer, attempting to elude a police officer, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and reckless driving.

Milwaukie police had been called to Dave's Killer Bread headquarters on Thursday morning after a call about an unwanted person who turned out to be Dave Dahl.

"He went into the store and he smashed a cutout - a life-sized cutout - of himself, because he's the symbol of a brand, and he is intimidating employees that are watching him," said a caller identified as Dan Letchinger, an employee at the store.

Police said Dahl drove away when they tried to talk with him.

"The company and Dave's business partners are really concerned about Dave and hope that he's getting the help that he needs," said CEO John Tucker. "We hope that anyone else who may be involved is okay. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all involved."

Dahl, a three-time felon, has spent 15 years of his life in prison. He's been arrested for burglary, armed robbery, second-degree robbery, dealing methamphetamine and assaulting police officers.

Dahl had turned his life around and used his story to help market his bread.

Dave's Killer Bread is based in Milwaukie and makes organic whole-grain breads. The company announced plans at the end of last year to expand nationally.