'Dangerous' fugitive shot, injured by Pierce Co. deputies

BUCKLEY, Wash. - A wanted fugitive considered to be "very dangerous" was shot and injured Thursday morning by sheriff's deputies in the Pierce County community of Buckley, a sheriff's spokesman said.

Pierce County Sheriff's Office spokesman Ed Troyer said the man, identified as Justin Linn, was wanted for investigation of several home invasion burglaries and for shooting a woman during a robbery.

He said deputies had been trying to track down the suspect for about two weeks, and located him Thursday morning at a hotel in Buckley, near the intersection of Highway 410 and Main Street.

Deputies confronted the man, who was armed, and shots were fired. The fugitive was hit by gunfire and taken to the hospital. His condition was not immediately known.

"I heard first the gunshots," Todd Kibbey who lives nearby said. "They went off and freaked us out so I ran in and made sure everything was okay in our house. Looked out the back window and saw the guy was down. There was no more commotion after that."

No deputies or bystanders were hit by gunfire during the incident.

"We believe he was actually planning to take a family out, and that's why you see so many officers here," Detective Troyer said.

Troyer said Linn, who has 12 previous convictions on his record, has managed to escape from deputies during two previous attempts to arrest him.

In one of those incidents, a foot pursuit on Aug. 18, deputies recovered a loaded firearm dropped by Linn. Detectives also have learned that Linn has made several threats to shoot it out with law enforcement and to seriously injure witnesses and civilians, Troyer said.

"He's run from us in vehicles. ... He's made threats not to go back to jail," he said. "So this is a guy we weren't giving any inch to, because if he were to have gotten away from us, this is somebody who would've hurt or killed somebody else."

Linn is a suspect in several home invasion robberies. In one of those, on July 27, a woman was shot.

According to the Pierce County Sheriff's Office, two female suspects entered an acquaintance's home on that date in the 900 block of 144th St. Ct. S. in Spanaway. Linn and another gunman followed the female suspects into the house and forced their way into the victim's bedroom.

During a struggle with the victim, the gunmen fired a shot, striking the victim in the chest.

"He makes his living from robberies. ... He's a very dangerous person," he said.

Thursday morning's shooting incident remains under investigation.