Customers clamoring for 'Bronco Busters' tees

MILTON, Wash. -- Fan demand for a unique Seahawk shirt made only in Milton is sending digital printers into overtime.

"Had to have a t-shirt," said Stephan Seaworth.

Seaworth rushed to Northwest Embroidery to be the first on his block to buy a Bronco Busters tees.

"Hot off the press, can't beat that," Seaworth said as he picked up his still-warm order.

The phone hasn't stopped ringing, emails have more than quadrupled, and the front door is constantly popping open with customers who want one thing: a Bronco Buster

"It's crazy, it's mayhem," said sales representative April Balsley.

The sales team is taking calls from as far away as New York, but they only sell the shirt at their Milton showroom.

After pondering a few ideas that posed copyright problems, the company settled on the phrase "Bronco Busters Bring On The Boom."

They're even offering a 12th man deal. Order 12 and get them for $12 a piece.