Crime in brief: Amorous burglars, fired strippers, selfish employees

SEATTLE -- Here are 15 crimes you may have missed from the week of July 23 to July 29.

July 23

A burglar swapped out two bottles of wine on victim's wine rack in her West Seattle condo with cheaper bottles.

A man who threatened to burn down a Tacoma 7-Eleven tells police that security camera footage isn't admissible in court.

Someone stole 13 flat-screen TVs from a West Seattle gym by ripping them right out of the wall, which could possibly be construed as a workout.

July 25

Employee caught defrauding a Tacoma Nordstrom to the tune of thousands of dollars admits she was being selfish.

Burglars caught in possession of stolen items in a crawlspace under a Tacoma house told officers they only went in there to "make love."

A man trying to snatch a woman's purse in the Target parking garage near Northgate Mall was scared off by a honking driver.

Someone stole $3,100 worth of suits and dress shirts from an Eastlake resident's Range Rover. Keep your eyes peeled for a well-dressed burglar.

Victim told police a parking lot attendant hit him with his car when he refused to pay for parking in the University District.

July 26

"It should be noted the victim was also intoxicated...He even asked...if he could be excused so he could drink a shot of whiskey," states a police report for an assault in SoDo.

July 27

A potential victim in an assault in Belltown didn't wish to help officers in their investigation. She did wish to tell them how rude people were to her.

July 28

A fired exotic dancer broke into the basement of Dancing Bare Strip Club in North Seattle. She told police she has nowhere else to stay.

"This isn't the open house for rent?" asked a man caught removing the screen from a Tacoma home's window at 7:30 in the morning.

The victim was attacked and threatened by his former wrestling teammates in West Seattle. They thought he had stolen marijuana from them.

A suspected car thief in Pierce County told an officer there was "always a chance" the car she was driving could be stolen. She called the situation "kind of wishy washy."

July 29

A homeless man on a bicycle was arrested for throwing a large rock at a passing motorhome in Olympia.

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