Crash victims' families urge prosecutor to show mercy on suspect

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- The families of two teenagers killed in a Kitsap County crash are urging the prosecutor to show mercy on the suspect who survived.

Family and friends of Rebekkah Barret and Shanaia Bennett prayed and hugged and cried along Baby Doll Road near Port Orchard Wednesday -- it's the site the two best friends died in December after their car slid out of control and into a tree. A third woman sitting in the back seat survived the crash and is making a full recovery.

Theresa Bennett says she misses her daughter Shanaia so much, while the girls' Godparent hopes they deaths aren't in vein.

"A warning to other young people or older people that would like to drive a little fast," said Clarence Ellsworth.

However, neither want the suspect charged to the fullest extent of the law.

Robert Rundquist, 20, is charged with two counts of vehicular homicide. Prosecutors say he and the victim raced each other down Baby Doll Road that night. But his girlfriend Rebakkah never crossed the finish line.

When neighbor Aily Blaikie heard the impact, she ran down the street and held Rebekkah in her arms.

Today, friends and family marked the same spot with a sign reminding others to slow down.

"These girls loved each other and they gave their life together," they said.

But they're adamant Rundquist should not be blamed for everything because he was doing the same thing their daughters were doing.

Instead, they think the suspect should face nothing more than a misdemeanor charge. But because two people died, Runquist is facing felony charges and his trial is scheduled to begin in May.