Couple's pet goat draws neighborhood complaints

SEATTLE - A battle is brewing over a goat in Ballard. Some neighbors are complaining the goat is ruining their block, while his owners argue he's not just an animal, he's part of their family.

The goat's name is Coragan, and his owner Megan Townsend says he's a former county fair show goat who has turned into a local celebrity over the years. He has his own Facebook page, and does most of this hanging out at Gilman Park in Ballard.

A growing number of neighbors want Coragan and his owners to find someplace else to live, and have turned to Seattle City Hall for help.

According to Seattle's municipal code, only pygmy, dwarf, and miniature goats may be kept as small animals, and only if they're de-horned. King County Public Heath warns that goats can carry bacteria in their waste that causes diseases in humans.

Goat pellets can be found on sidewalks in the neighborhood, and residents say Coragan should live in the country, not on their block.

"We're just trying to do right by the goat, and do what's best for him," a nearby resident says.

City officials say they're not interested in seizing the goat, and want to meet with the Townsend's. After their meeting, they'll decide whether Coragan needs to move out.

The Townsend's live and travel the country in a van with Coragan, and hope Coragan can stay.

"He's part of the family, and you wouldn't leave the family behind - you know?" Townsend says.

Seattle Animal Control is also looking into the issue.