Couple believes burglar hacked into nanny cam to spy on them

SEATTLE -- A Lake City couple believes a burglar hacked into their cloud-based nanny cam and has been using it to monitor when they are and aren't home and possibly record their "private bedroom activities," according to the Seattle Police Department.

For the past two months, the victims have been arriving home to find items disturbed and missing in their apartment in the 12000 block of 33rd Avenue Northeast. They believed their two young children were responsible.

That is until last Thursday, when the couple arrived home to find the nanny cam missing from its spot on the dining-room shelves where it normally has a view of the living room.

According to the police report for the incident, the couple searched for the camera, eventually finding it in their bedroom, where it had been woven up the back of their headboard and plugged in under a nightstand.

The victims told officers they were concerned it was placed that way by an intruder to record their "private bedroom activities."

According to the report, the couple uses a company whose cameras record 24-7 and upload all video to the cloud, where it can be accessed any time.

The victims told officers the system is easily hacked, and they believe someone has been monitoring their camera and knows when they leave the apartment.

Furthermore, the couple suspect someone associated with their building's management is involved, as the locked front door is the only way into the apartment and there are no signs of forced entry, according to the report.

And, despite someone reportedly moving the nanny cam, it failed to capture any images of an intruder.

Officers encouraged the couple to stop using the nanny cam and to contact building management with their concerns.