County reimbursing for property used in mudslide

OSO, Wash. (AP) - Snohomish County has paid more than $280,000 to owners of property damaged by search and rescue operations following the massive Oso mudslide.

The Everett Herald reports Sunday that within the first few days of the March 22 mudslide, county lawyers determined that landowners would need to be paid from rescue operations.

Land-use agreements were reached as crews set up tents and first aid stations and created gravel parking lots on private land

County manager overseeing slide recovery Gary Haakenson says the Federal Emergency Management Agency is expected to reimburse the county for those costs.

Haakenson says landowners face a complicated bidding process where the burden is on the property owners to provide receipts, pictures and other proof of the damage The county is helping with the paperwork.

So far, $282,000 has been paid to eight property owners.