Controversial Pacific mayor puts two police officers on leave

PACIFIC, Wash. -- The City of Pacific has had a {A href=""}rough go of it over the last year or so, and now residents are dealing with yet another problem: Embattled Mayor Cy Sun announced he was making the city's already shrinking police force even smaller.

The Pacific Police Department employed 12 officers just last summer, but that number has dwindled to four officers after the city's top cop and another officer were put on leave.

Sun even asked the King County sheriff's office to take over the policing duties in Pacific, but the office declined.

Sgt. Michel Boc is still with the department and is now the city's ranking officer.

"Yeah, you know, it's frustrating," Bos said.

On Friday, Sun placed Public Safety Director John Calkins and Lt. Edwin Massey on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into what Sun called harassment and intimidation.

"I know I put them on administrative leave to avoid a tremendous liability for the city," Sun said.

The mayor said he couldn't discuss specifics about his decision, but said the move wasn't spurred by a complaint from a resident and is meant to protect the two officers.

"It's an internal safety measure," he said.

But safety for the city is what residents and business owners are most concerned about as the police force continues to shrink. Surveillance footage shows two burglars breaking into a local restaurant in January. They got away before police arrived.

Boc said crime in the city has increased significantly in recent months, and now there are only four officers on patrol.

He said that's not enough to keep Pacific safe, and residents say it might be time for Sun's competency to be tested.

"This man handles our finances for the city," said resident Stacy Knudtson. "He handles hiring and firing of our police officers. At what point is someone going to say, 'Let's have an evaluation to make sure he's up to standards?'"

Sun said the investigation could take as long as a month.