Community upset over proposed Maple Valley pot facilities

KING COUNTY, Wash. -- A local company has filed an application with King County to build two big warehouses that records show will produce and process marijuana.

The site is located next a residential area in unincorporated Maple Valley between SE 248th Street and Highway 18, west of 200th Avenue SE east of the city of Covington.

According to the commercial site development permit, Maple Valley Industries, LLC plans to build two 20,000 square foot industrial warehouse buildings.

But the quiet neighborhood filled with families just down the street from the purposed site were shocked to learn they could have a new neighbor.

"I couldn't believe that this would happen in our neighborhood," said Lisa Chase, who resides along 200th Avenue SE.

Residents say they're concerned about increased traffic and the potential crime this sort of business could bring to their neighborhood.

"It's not welcome at all," said resident Matt Lorette, who is also concerned the property value of his home will plummet. "My house with what it's worth now is not going to be worth the same if they build that. There's not a chance."

Residents have posted signs all over the neighborhood to help rally support against the purposed pot facility.

"You don't want this in a residential area," said Matt Smalley who also lives in the area. "You want it in an area that's more metropolitan."

However, it appears the purposed facility is in compliance with the law. There are no schools, parks or daycare centers that fall within the 1,000 foot buffer zone.

Meanwhile, neighbors are standing together with a strong message for King County.

"Don't put this in a rural neighborhood setting," said Chase. "Put it in a industrial setting."

Our calls to Maple Valley Industries LLC were not returned.

Comment period for the purposed facility ends September 2nd.