Coffee shop owner attacked after banning man for lewd behavior

SEATTLE -- A man attacked the owner of a Pioneer Square coffee shop with a jar of loose-leaf tea Monday after the owner banned the man for inappropriately touching himself in front of a female customer, according to the Seattle Police Department.

The owner told officers the man had been coming into the coffee shop for a few weeks. The man wouldn't buy anything, but the owner said he let him hang out because he wasn't causing any problems.

Then on June 29 a customer told the owner the man had been looking at her and touching his crotch area, according to the police report for the incident. In response, the owner banned the man, who became angry but left the coffee shop.

According to the report, the man returned on Monday and, becoming angry when the owner told him to leave, picked up a jar of loose-leaf tea and threw it at the owner.

The jar hit the owner in the leg and shattered on the floor, cutting the owner's ankle, according to the report. The owner told police he thinks the man would have continued to attack him if there hadn't been a customer in the shop at the time.

The owner was so shaken up by the incident he asked officers if they had a cigarette to help calm him.

A regular at the coffee shop told officers she knows the suspect because her business has banned him numerous times in the past, as well.