Clues sought in hit-and-run crash that injured 2 in Bellingham

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Police here are searching body shops, looking for clues into a hit-and-run crash that left two college students injured.

One of the victims, Mackenzie O'Brien, nearly lost her arm in the accident. She now has stitches in several places, including in her ear where her earring ripped through.

"Who would just do that?" said O'Brien, a freshman at Western Washington University. "We could have been killed. Were they just going to drive off, thinking that we were dead?"

O'Brien and her friend, Justine Phillipson, got off a bus Friday night in the fog and headed toward a house party with a group when a car coming down the hill with its headlights off hit the women.

"I was so in shock, I was crying. My arm was dangling from me. Hurt so bad, and everyone was screaming," said O'Brien.

Phillipson suffered bruises and a concussion. But O'Brien's condition was far worse.

"I saw her and my heart just stopped," said the victim's father, Dale O'Brien.

Dale said Mackenzie's humerus bone broke all the way through and blood stopped flowing in her right side, sparking concerns that her bone had pierced an artery and her arm might require amputation.

"There was a little bone sticking through my skin," said Mackenzie.

Conditions were too foggy to airlift Mackenzie, so an ambulance transported the 18-year-old victim to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle where surgeons saved her arm.

The injury is cutting short her first year in college.

"Yeah, it's sad," said Mackenzie.

Mackenzie says she might have forgiven the driver had he or she come forward.

"Honestly, that's so selfish. I would never do that, even with an animal. Most people stop and figure out what happened."

The family is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in the case.

"They hit my beautiful daughter, and there needs to be penalties," said Dale.

Witnesses believe the car was a dark green or gray older boxy model, maybe a Honda Civic or a Volvo.