City makes deal with SPD officer who attacked handcuffed suspect

SEATTLE -- A Seattle Police Department officer who attacked a handcuffed suspect back in 2012 will have his assault charges dismissed and avoid jail time in exchange for community service and staying out of trouble, according to the Seattle City Attorney's Office.

In September 2012, Officer Katherine Hairston and her partner were called to Seattle Central Community College in response to reports of people drinking on campus.

According to police, Hairston was interviewing one of the suspects, John Ross, when he tried to walk away. Hairston grabbed Ross' backpack, and he reportedly punched her in the face.

The officers subdued Ross and placed him in handcuffs. That's when Hairston's husband, Officer Chris Hairston showed up. According to the City Attorney's Office, Hairston attacked Ross, forcefully placing his hands on Ross' face and neck before being restrained.

The incident was caught on video. And, Chris Hairston was charged with assault in April 2013.

On Tuesday, the City Attorney's Office announced it would dismiss those charges, which carry a maximum penalty of 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine, if Hairston completes 120 hours of community service; has no unwanted contact with Ross; pays all court costs, fees and fines; and doesn't commit any more crimes in the next 24 months.

For his part in the incident, Ross pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault.

An investigation into Hairston's actions is still pending with the Seattle Police Department's Office of Professional Accountability.