Child's life ends tragically but his organs lets others live on

LONGVIEW, Wash. - An 8-year-old boy killed in a car crash is now a hero.

Noah Waite-Brown's family donated the boy's organs, and his kidney went to a woman in his own Longview school community.

Noah died Sunday - a week after a head-on collision on Highway 30 just west of Clatskanie. His father also died in the accident. His mother passed away a month earlier.

When his family made the decision to donate his organs they were surprised to find out one of the people in the greatest need was someone Noah saw almost every day.

The doctors asked them if there was any family or close friends they knew of who needed a transplant. Then, one of Noah's teachers let them know another woman at school had been on dialysis for years.

Noah's great-grandmother, Carol Johnson, says Noah's kidney was a good match for the woman and knowing his life may end up saving others gives her some comfort.

But it wasn't easy for Carol and her husband, Lowell, to donate Noah's organs. Deciding to donate his organs meant accepting the fact that he was gone.

"The moment that we saw the surgery team coming to take him for the donations - that was the only time I had a little bit of fear knowing that would be the last time I got to hold his little hand on this earth," said Carol.

Noah loved Spider-Man, Legos, slept with his dog and wanted to be a superhero. And Carol knows that her great-grandson is now that superhero he always dreamed of becoming.

"He was such a giving little guy, and I know that by being able to do this that there are going to be lives, families changed that aren't going to lose their precious babies now," she said.

Noah gave more than one kidney. He gave his second kidney to a man. His liver is now with a 1-year-old boy, and a 3-year-old boy is now living with Noah's heart. Two other children are now seeing through their own eyes with his corneas.

The woman who received the transplant is still recovering, and KATU News is not identifying her out of respect for her privacy. Carol says the woman is doing well and should be out of the hospital soon.

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