Children say bus driver kept windows closed on record-hot day

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A group of Evergreen Public Schools' children say their bus driver forced them to ride home from school Wednesday afternoon with the bus windows closed, which was a day that saw record high temperatures in the 90s across the metro area.

According to the Evergreen School District, the driver has been put on leave while it looks into the complaints from those children.

The school kids told their parents the female bus driver ordered them to keep the windows on their bus closed while they were driven home from school Thursday afternoon and Monday. Parents said some of the children were sweating so much it looked like they'd gone swimming after they got off the bus.

The children said the bus driver's order was punishment for one of the children putting a stack of paper that was found over the weekend near a heater vent on the floor of the bus.

"Everybody was getting pink-faced and everything, and it was actually hard for us to breathe," said Emily Nissen, who rode on the school bus with the windows closed. "I was just sitting there like this, like a zombie. And then when we got off the bus, everybody was like - and started breathing again."

"I'm outraged to be honest with you," said Scott Nissen. "I don't - I'm just trying to think of words, and I don't really have any. I mean how could a person do this to children?"

The children said the bus driver let high-schoolers, who were on that bus earlier in the day, have the windows open, and then she closed them for their ride home.

Evergreen Public Schools said district policy requires bus drivers to have windows preset for weather conditions before they let students on board.

The district said it's still looking into what happened.