Children rescued from filthy conditions in Kelso home

KELSO, Wash. - When police officer Sarah Hoffman arrived at a Kelso home, she had no idea what horrors she would find inside.

She was checking on a domestic dispute. When she entered the home, Hoffman said she saw a woman who was clearly drunk, and two children - ages two and seven - who were living in filth.

Those children are now in protective custody.

"I was sick to my stomach watching [the girl] walk from the bedroom through the feces and throughout the house in bare feet," Hoffman wrote in her police report.

The children's father, Danny Wannamaker, called police after getting in a fight with their mother, Nicole Jacobs, police said. Wannamaker was arrested and charged with assault.

Neither parent has been charged with additional crimes at this time, pending an investigation by Child Protective Services.

Hoffman said she was overwhelmed by the odor of human waste.

"I opened the bathroom door and was so sickened by what I saw," she said. "There were days, perhaps weeks worth of feces in the bathtub. The toilet was clogged and filled with feces."

The rest of the house was littered with dirty clothes, toys dishes and silverware caked with food.

The 7-year-old boy was sleeping in a recliner. He had no bed.

"I've been to many filthy houses since becoming a police officer and this is one of the most disgusting residences I have ever been in," Hoffman said.

When the children were taken by Child Protective Services, there weren't any clean clothes in the house for them to wear.

Neighbors were shocked when they heard about the deplorable conditions. They said this house was on their radar, however, because there were a lot of visitors who stopped by during the nights.

"When you have feces running all over the house basically, and the kids running around in that, that's pretty disgusting," said neighbor Shawna Spear.