Chelan County rescue crew saves snowed-in family of 6

WENATCHEE, Wash. (AP) - The Chelan County sheriff says rescuers used a tracked vehicle called a snow cat to rescue a family of six who found themselves snowed in at a cabin after more than two feet of snow fell in recent days.

Sheriff Brian Burnett says members of Paul and Pamela Scott's family skied more than two miles in to the cabin before the biggest snowfall, then found they couldn't ski back out.

A relative called for help Tuesday evening after trying to reach the group by snowmobile, only to find the snow was so deep that those machines got stuck.

The sheriff says the Scotts, of Richland, were brought out safely Wednesday, as were their son Ryan Scott, his wife Emily and their two young children.

The sheriff's office says the Scotts had a good supply of food and firewood at the cabin in the Sears Creek drainage of west Chelan County.