Charges: Woman set fellow bus rider's hair on fire

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- A 56-year-old Darrington woman was arrested Monday after setting fire to a fellow passenger's hair while on board a Community Transit bus in Marysville, according to charges filed in Snohomish County Superior Court.

The incident took place shortly after 8:30 a.m. while the bus was traveling in the 15200 block of Smokey Point Boulevard.

According to the charging documents, Robin Myers was sitting directly behind the victim when she suddenly used a Bic lighter, and possibly a canister of hairspray, to light the victim's hair on fire.

A witness sitting across the aisle smacked the victim on the back of the head to put out the fire. According to the charging documents, the quick actions of the other passenger helped the victim avoid injury.

The bus driver reported the incident, and Myers was arrested by Snohomish County Sheriff's Office deputies.

"It's just something that happened," said Community Transit spokesman Martin Munguia. "On any given day you have some strange incident happen on a bus."

According to the charging documents, deputies found two lighters and a canister of hairspray in Myers' purse. She reportedly told them the whole thing was an accident.

Myers was booked into Snohomish County Jail and has been charged with assault. She's also been banned from riding Community Transit buses.

According to court documents, the victim is a former friend of Myers.