Charges: Woman evicted after friend gambles away rent money

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- A Puyallup woman who let a friend stay in her home when he had nowhere else to go returned from vacation to find she was being evicted after her friend gambled away the rent money, according to charges filed Monday in Pierce County Superior Court.

According to the charging documents, the victim had been letting her friend Alexander Goodwin Jr., 33, stay in her apartment for the past few months because he had nowhere to live.

The victim went on vacation with her sister April 3, leaving Goodwin $961 to pay the rent. She was welcomed home April 8 with an eviction notice for missing her rent payment. In addition, someone had stolen a handgun and safe containing $30,000 from her bedroom.

According to the charges, the victim called Goodwin, who said someone broke in and stole everything. The victim told the Puyallup Police Department she didn't believe Goodwin because there were no signs of forced entry and all her electronics were still in the apartment.

A police investigation reportedly showed Goodwin had pawned the victim's gun April 6 then pawned a number of her DVDs a few hours later at a different pawn shop.

According to the charges, Goodwin agreed multiple times to meet detectives for an interview but repeatedly stood them up. He was eventually arrested while working his shift at Walmart.

Goodwin told detectives he left the victim's rent money in the apartment while he went to the casino to gamble, something he does almost every day, according to the charges. He said he came back to the apartment to find it burglarized and the rent money gone.

According to the charges, Goodwin admitted to pawning the gun to replace the victim's rent money. After being pushed by detectives, he reportedly also admitted to pawning a watch and the DVDs, as well as to gambling away some of the rent money.

Goodwin continued to deny stealing the safe.

He has been charged with theft of a firearm, theft and trafficking in stolen property.