Charges pending against 2 arrested near Shelton murder scene

SHELTON, Wash. -- Two people taken from a home next to a double murder scene in Shelton are now in jail facing charges related to the murder, Shelton police said Tuesday. Meanwhile, the suspected shooter, Charles S. Longshore, remains on the loose.

Neighbors in the 200 block of West Harvard Street called 911 around 1 a.m. Monday to report hearing gun shots, said Lt. Les Watson with Shelton police. When officers arrived, they found the bodies of 19-year-old Tyler W. Drake and 37-year-old Anitrea "Roxy" L. Taber inside the home.

Later in the day, the SWAT team responded when police received word that the people in another home across the alley may somehow be connected.

The residents in that home refused to come out, however, and a standoff ensued. Just after 9 a.m., police launched tear gas into that home and a man identified as Bobby Raphael, Jr. eventually walked out of the home. Police searched the home and found Kirstine Selwyn inside and also took her into custody.

Investigators originally said Raphael Jr. and Selwyn were not considered suspects, but after further investigation, said the two would indeed face charges. Raphael Jr. is now being held for investigation of murder and rendering criminal assistance, while Selwyn has been booked for investigation of rendering criminal assistance.

Charles S. LongshoreWatson says while they still think Longshore was the shooter, investigators think Raphael Jr. had a part in the murders while Selwyn is accused of helping after the fact.

Deputies found Longshore's abandoned vehicle parked on the side of William McCleary Road in McCleary on Monday afternoon.

According to Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Rick Scott, the vehicle had been parked since Monday morning.

Deputies believe Longshore ditched the vehicle and left the area in another car.

The vehicle, which has not been identified, has been impounded so Mason County detectives can search it for clues.