Charges: Men resist arrest after offering booze to the wrong teen

SPANAWAY, Wash. -- Two men found out the hard way there are still some teenagers who will look a gift horse in the free-booze-filled mouth after getting themselves arrested last Thursday at Spanaway Lake Park.

According to charges filed with Pierce County Superior Court, Ronald Unatoa and Tasi Su'e, both 22 years old, offered alcohol to a 14-year-old boy fishing near them at the lake then threatened the two Pierce County Sheriff's Office deputies who responded.

The teen called 911 around 2:30 p.m. to report the men for offering him alcohol. According to the charging documents, a female deputy arrived to find the men fishing on the dock surrounded by crushed beer cans and apparently intoxicated.

The men handed their IDs over but became agitated when the deputy wanted to run their names instead of handing the IDs back immediately. According to the charging documents, Su'e and Unatoa -- who are approximately a foot taller than the deputy and outweigh her by 140 pounds -- started calling her names and asking if she was afraid.

According to the charges, the men refused orders from the deputy and continued to be difficult when a second deputy arrived on the scene.

Su'e reportedly threatened sexual violence against the female deputy, who he referred to as "Taylor Swift." He also reportedly threatened violence against the male deputy, who he called a "Russell Wilson-looking-like [expletive]."

According to the charging documents, Su'e spit on the female deputy and was arrested upon being informed spitting on an officer is considered felony assault. Unatoa reportedly also tried to spit on the deputy but "lacked the velocity" to succeed.

A third deputy eventually arrived on the scene to help complete the arrest of the two men.

Both Unatoa and Su'e have been charged with assault and obstructing a law-enforcement officer. Su'e has also been charged with felony harassment.